Our Mission

MOGO always strives to offer new ways to stay connected in the world of travellers, as well as providing services and products that deliver true value to our users.

Our Story

Who are we

MOGO is a product from iFREE GROUP providing a Travelution platform that empowers consumers with global connectivity. MOGO is short for Mobile on the Go, connecting everyone and everything wherever they are. MOGO is not just a single Internet connection but a worldwide network providing flawless and convenient connectivity.

What is MOGO eSIM

MOGO has realized that with the development of the Internet of Things technology and globalization, more and more individuals have put forward higher standards and requirements for equipment space, cost, standardization, etc. Traditional SIMs are gradually losing popularity due to feature limitations and so, that's why the MOGO eSIM was born. Working with operators supplying 2G/3G/4G networks, one card can be used with multiple numbers and can handle up to 2 million writing operations. At present, we have cooperated with operators around the world to achieve a global network and have unparalleled network resources, providing a solid foundation for our MOGO eSIM services.
  • 2020.08
    MOGO eSIM was launched in MOGO APP and is eligible for iOS devices
  • 2021.04
    Purchase for MOGO eSIM is available online
  • 2021.05
    MOGO eSIM is eligible for Android devices
As eSIM adoptions continues to grow, MOGO has implemented this technology and has taken it to the next level. The MOGO eSIM is embedded into our MOGO S2, a global mobile WiFi router that provides stable connections giving you internet access wherever you are. Our MOGO eSIM also supports our MOGO T1, a global tracker featuring a multi-boarder positioning supported by our e-SIM global data network. And now, the MOGO eSIM is ready to serve the end users, making connection a bit easier and more possibilities will open up for IoT and consumer devices.

MOGO eSIM features

  • Buy online
    Buy online
  • Pay as you go
    Pay as you go
  • Reusable & rechargable
    Reusable & rechargable
  • Pre-set activation time
    Pre-set activation time
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